Wednesday, January 07, 2015

I Googled Myself

I tried googling my nickname and name and lol.. they all churned up my SNS accounts. WTH heng never churn out my Facebook.

I think I have to set my Facebook as private. Just in case irrelevant people find me.

This is what comes up when you google my nickname Mikolah....

The first one is my Twitter account, 2nd one is my blog, 3rd one is not mine. 4th one is my askfm. 5th is my tumblr, 6th is somebody crediting my Twitter account.

I kinda got a shock that people can find my blog so easily. no wonder I got some questions on askfm about my blog. OMG that means people can dig out all my past, my photos everything. LOL not that I got anything to hide.

Then I googled my name. Miko H. And here is what I got.

My Youtube account is the first one that comes out. I think if I name my Youtube account as Mikolah, it will come out 2nd, after my Twitter. And also my YT account came out above some swim suit brand. LMAO....

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