Friday, March 29, 2013

Yesung at Mobit

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So I was in a pretty bad mood today, we went to a CD shop to find some SJ CDs and after that we wanted to go to Mobit. Then I realized that I have left something back in the CD shop and I was wondering if I should go back since we have travelled quite far from it and it would mean that we will get to Mobit very late. In the end we still decided to go get it.

After getting it, we took the train again to Mobit and by that time, it was pretty late and we were cold. >.< At mobit, we couldn't get a seat. It was full house so then we decided that we will just grab a drink and head back to hostel. Ah so disappointing that we can't sit down and rest. I was so tired. Hafsa was waiting for the drinks so I told her I will just go take some pictures of Mobit. I took a picture of this corner:
After taking this picture, I turned around and leaned on the railing like I circled here:
And at that time this area was empty. I was leaning there looking at my camera and suddenly this tall (to me) guy walked passed me discreetly with his head down. I looked up and saw that he was wearing red specs. It took me 1 second to realize that it was Yesung!!!! OMG!!! Imagine this small area, I was at the railing and he walked passed me, he literally brushed passed me!! I was breathless and I called out to Cloudacha unnie, 'It's Yesung!!!'

Hafsa was stunned for a moment with a blank look on her face (lol). I asked her to come quickly and stand at the railing because Yesung went to the gents so when he comes out, he will definitely have to walk pass us. The other girls heard me and they are now all rushing in to wait for Yesung. >.< I guess I was a bit too excited and attracted attention. :p

Yesung came out and he once again walked passed me at the bridge (OMG I WAS GOING TO DIE). Hafsa said 'annyeong haseyo' and he replied with a little nod and smile. Then he went behind the counter and started to take orders.

We followed him to the counter and just stood there totally stunned, staring at his face. Hafsa collected the drinks we ordered and she asked me how... I told her to leave the drinks in my bag and then make another order with Yesung. LOL... the things we do. So we queued up behind 2 girls and waited for our turn to order.

Oh man... the part time cashier is so handsome... *spazz* When it was our turn, Hafsa ordered a orange juice, a kiwi juice and 2 cookies. We ordered 4 items and talked slowly just so we can stare at him longer. While Hafsa was making the order I was staring, starstruck. His skin is so beautiful!!! ASDLKFGHJKLJFS... He couldn't hear our order clearly and said so I said cookie, dark.. chocolate.. cookie, really slow so he can catch what we were ordering. He understood and keyed in our order. After that nervous Hafsa walked off without paying!!!

Yesung was like 'Money???' He looked at me... I didn't have money with me so I called Hafsa back and we both said 'sorry sorry..' LOL!!!

Hafsa then said that she was too nervous and yesung is her bias so she forgot. Yemum said 'ah.. araseo araseo' and yesung was smiling at our blunder. He is SO FREAKING CUTE I CAN'T EVEN!!!!

He finally took the money smiling at us and then we walked away. I wasn't able to take pictures because yemum told us no pictures when we were close up. So I took a video. LOL.. but I can't hold it up because yemum will push it down. So I just held it real low. kekeke....

After our drinks came, I told hafsa that we didn't shake hands with yeye.. So sad!!! OMG, I have to. So we went to the queue again and asked a girl who was about to order if we can shake hands with yeye. The girl said ok and hafsa shook hands with yeye and then I shook his hand too, his cute small hands which at that time was very cold!! >.<

I touched yesung!! OMG..

OK.. I must breathe and cool down... breathe...

Blurry pictures but it was so hard to take pictures with such a big crowd. (video is taken secretly because ye mummy didn't want us to hold up the camera)
Then hafsa couldn't leave the place and went back into mobit to take more pictures from far while I waited outside to take care of the many stuff we had. Hafsa forgot about me. I was outside in the cold for the longest time. I almost died because I was so cold and I had the urge to go to the washroom. Many fans came running from all over and started queuing up outside mobit.

Finally, I couldn't wait any longer and went back into mobit to see her still taking pictures. lol... It was almost an hour since Yesung arrived and he was going to leave.

We went back outside to wait for him to come out. He came out not long after, waved a small wave and left. I didn't follow because there was a stampede of girls running after him and we were tired.

If we hadn't went back to the CD shop, if I hadn't walked around to take pictures and spotted yesung, we would have totally missed him and went back to the hostel after getting the drinks. So I say, we were destined to meet him.. Ah yesung, he will be my bias this week.

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