Wednesday, March 06, 2013

SJM BKK Fan Party

Finally I got myself around to record down my feels for my Bangkok fanmeet.

I don't know where I should start. Maybe I should start by telling you my NERVE-wrecking, LIFE-shortening experience on buying the fanmeet ticket.

Seriously I don't know if it's SM's fault or TTC's fault regarding ticket sale. They were supposed to start selling in January for the February 16 fan party. Then they decided to start selling only on 2 Feb. I was like...

Because nobody sells ticket 2 weeks before the fanmeet. That will mean that I only have 2 weeks to arrange accommodation and buy air tickets and if you buy air tickets so late..... you get what I mean.

So on 2 Feb I told me my mum.


Because I need full attention.

So with a card in my hand, I got ready. At 11am sharp, the sale starts and I quickly got in, hands trembling and sweaty.

I clicked on my desired area and saw that there is a seat right in the middle, good spot! So I clicked it. Then it loading loading loading and never loaded!!! So I had no choice but to retry. That seat was gone so I picked another but when it loads for awhile and told me it's sold already!

So then I had no choice, the whole block was sold, I had to choose another block that was on the left and grabbed a ticket by the aisle. It was row Q. Not that ideal but whatever.

So I grabbed that and quickly paid. Luckily they accepted my card.

My seat was in block A1. This time it's a seating ticket. Not standing. I wanted to get A2 at first but it was all gone too soon so I got A1, by the aisle beside A2.

As you can see from the price legend, the ticket cose 4200baht. Plus tax, it was 4500baht. Which is about SGD200.

After getting that ticket, I booked my flight and hotel. My air ticket cost $320. It could have been cheaper if STUPID TTC didn't change their ticket opening date so late!

So annoying... ok... Sigh, things we do to see SJ.

Continue the story... so then I bought everything and waited faithfully. One good thing about all this lateness is I don't have to wait too long to go Bangkok. It's like  I bought air tickets today and 2 weeks later I am in the fanmeet. LOL.

I think my parents were not very happy about me going to Bangkok alone. They thought it's kinda dangerous. I told them I will be alright.

Arriving at Bangkok alone, I took a cab to my guesthouse. The next day I went to arena using my GPS as guide but I saw that it was closed. I went at around 3pm. The fanmeet begins at 6pm. I thought it was strange that the arena is closed and empty. I saw lots of ELF walking around though..

I know they are ELF cuz they walk together in sapphire blue t-shirts.

Anyway I had time so I took lunch first then I asked around for the right direction. I was told that Thunder Dome is at another corner. Aparently there are 2 arenas there and I got them mixed up. So then  reached Thunder Dome at 5pm. It was like super crowded already!!!

The Masita station. Masita is the seaweed brand that our Kyuhyun endorsed... See Kyu holding that seaweed?? He is so cute I tell you!!! <3>
Then beside the Masita station was the 12plus station.

The 12 plus station with Donghae and Siwon's standee... Visual Won and Baby Hae. :D

I also bought a set of 12plus perfume!! I should have bought 2 sets!! Totally regretting it now.... :(

The cologne set I bought... I should buy two seeeeeeeeeeeeeeetttttssssssssssssss....

Sigh. ok.....

So I move on the next station which was fanta. Nothing much, so I moved on and saw official merchandise station! My first official merchandise purchase.....

I bought the towel and the T-shirt.

The towel and the t-shirt cost about $44. :D

Then I collected my tickets which comes with a card. I wonder what the card is for.. Singapore's tickets never had cards.

But since the card has SJ's faces on it, I am happy. Hahahaha.

Inside the venue.....

The stage. :D See that big M below the LED screen? Kekeke.

The Sapphire Blue family, ELPEU~~

And then the show begins...

Actually I took the above pics before the show started because after the show starts, I can't take pictures or video or whatsoever. :(


But never mind I concentrate on screaming. Kekek..

Then during this below performance, I cried. Like tears just flowed out endlessly.. I don't know why... I just can't.

The music at the beginning is too touching. Maybe cuz I was too happy to see them like this? I don't know...

Then you guys know about the ELF project???

They did a surprise project for SJM... They didn't know about it. Suddenly a video was shown on the screen behind them and they turned around to watch it.

At the end of this video, it says:

We have many things to tell you...

Are you curious what it is???

Turn around and look at us....

At this moment, all of us held up a paper that says 'Cuz it's you, wo zhi ai ni'

Imagine, the whole stadium of 5000 audiences doing the same thing, holding this paper up together... It was just too much feels. I was so washed over with the feels at that moment! Just wow....

And SJ, having seen a lot of ELF projects at big venues, couldn't help but feel touched too!

Ok, this picture didn't show the 5000 audience. I can't find one with the whole stadium but you get the idea.

And then SJ just cried...

They cried so much.. And I was like...


And finally....

Then Henry said that he and Zhoumi weren't welcomed back then in Korea... At that time he and zhoumi felt like quitting SJ altogether and just go back to Canada. Then came his first overseas trip to Bangkok and he saw fans holding posters and banners with his name. At that moment, he decided to stay in SJ.

I can't imagine SJ without HenMi!!!

What a teary night.... :(

If I have a friend next to me, I think we will just hug together and cry!

One reason why it's hard to quit ELF fandom, this fandom bonds a lot with each other. I mean  I really never seen any fanclub that bonded so tightly before. It's like ELF treats other ELFs like their family members! It's hard to get out of the fandom once you have bonded with the other ELF.. :D

I still have more to say about Bangkok but another time. I spent like 2 hours doing this already. My butt hurts now from sitting too long.


Anonymous said...

cake + tea:

wow, I didn't know east asia has that much k-pop fans too. I thought only Taiwan, China, and HK are crazy about them.

Miko said...

yah!! They are like so crazily popular!

Sorry I know I still owe you an email but recently, I am doing a part time job. So I have to do anotther job when I get home after my permanent job. Then I have practice during the weekend. I am so gonna die. >.<

na said...

cake + tea:

It's okay, no worry. Don't drain out yourself, watch your health.