Wednesday, March 20, 2013

BKK Part 2

Silly May Teng sms me yesterday that since I didn't update my blog, she read my old blog posts. What the.... She said she just wanted to see if we have changed. >.< The she tell me she is fat.. Seriously man..

So I am back to continue part 2 of my Bangkok trip even though my right eye is a bit painful and I don't know why.

Oh yah, I realized I have alot of typos in my previous post. Ugh.... My laptop is getting old and sometimes there are script errors in my blog. When I change the script, I accidentally deleted some words I don't even know how. >.< Anyway, it's ok lah, not like the typos changed the meaning of my blog and not like people care.

After my crazy, feels exploded fan part, I wen to Bangkok city the next day. Actually I moved there so that I can spend the next 2 days shopping. LOL. I should have followed SJ to their schedules and stalk them but the language barrier really made it hard for me. So I gave up and just went shopping.

I was a bit sick though so I go tired easily and spend a lot of time lazing in my room. LOL.

One thing for sure, I must visit Kyochon Chicken!! It's a shop which sells fried chicken and it originated from Korea. SJ endorsed this food chain and I am so happy to know that there is any outlet in Bangkok. So I used my GPS and found the shop which isn't far from Asok train station. :D

Kyochon chicken!!! The store filled with SJ goodness... See the posters on the wall?? It made me so happy by just walking in.

The wax figure of Siwonnie~~ Visual Won.

So I went upstairs and found the small shop to be very crowded.

Took this after the girls in front of me left. Kekeke.. So happy theyleft then I can have a good view of the boys. :D

At the side of my table there is this row of cute caricature of SJ members! Aww... I can totally recognize everyone of them!





Just to name a few. :D So I ordered the chicken set of 4 drumsticks. This is the smallest set they have but seriously 4 drumsticks are a little too much. They told me that I have to wait for 20 minutes, I said it's ok. Of course it's ok cuz I can just look at the deco of the shop and be happy. hahaha....

So suddenly the waitress came and told me something about waiting 20 minutes so free drumstick. I have no idea what she is trying to say so I just took it and started eating. Skali she gave me another basket of 4 drumsticks which I couldn't finish at all!! 8 drumsticks. OTL. So I asked them to dabao and I will have it as dinner. >.<

When I was paying the bill, I noticed a box of something at the side of the counter. Then I read the side of the box, it says Kyochon Calendars. So I asked the guy at the counter how much must I spend to get the calendar. He said if I want, he can give me one!! I was so happy!!! :D Here it is, my kyochon calendar with SJ.. :D

So happpppy~~~

They all look so cute in the calendar I tell you!!!!

 The box that they used to dabao my chicken~~

I also bought this masita seaweed with Kyuhyun on it which is still in my drawer because I have no idea what to do with the packagae after I finished the seaweed. LOL. My mum kept bugging about this seaweed that it will expire soon. Ok ok I will eat it and throw away the package. >.<

It's late my eyes need rest! Tomorrow night I am going to SEOUL!!! THE LAND OF MY DREAMS!!! SJ WAIT FOR ME!!!!

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