Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Preparing for INA

I started packing my luggage today for my trip. In the past I always pack very last minute but I am packing early this time cuz I am excited. I am thinking of what to wear for my concert and what kind of shoes so I will not feel tired easily as I have to stand etc.

All these excitement can't contain itself. My mum was watching my pack and carefully picking the clothes to wear. She suddenly laughed uncontrollably. I asked her what's wrong. She just kept laughing and laughing. She said that I seems so serious about packing. LOL..

Normally I really just heck and throw the clothes inside. But this time I choose my clothes carefully.

Wah lau... I must wear something comfortable since it's gonna be outdoors and standing for 4 hours! Hee hee...

I really can't wait to take off on Thursday!


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