Monday, September 10, 2012

My Sexy S3

My guy friends are all celebrating on Whatsapp now about me leaving the dinosaur era and walking into the high tech world. What the fish? Lock Whatsapp me lik 4am, then JH Whatsapp me at 6am! They were discussing about my entrance to their world and about how Lock dig his nose shit in front of the Pisa Tower.

Sorry to be crude like this but my guys friends are always crude and my girl friends are always R(A). Haiz.

So yep, I got my Galaxy S3 over the weekends cuz while shopping at Bishan, I saw that M1 is going to terminate its 3G 12GB plan and provide 4G 2GB plan instead. I freaked out because taking the 2GB plan is plain stupid. 4G isn't alot faster than 3G and the data cap shrinks so much. So after abit of consideration, I just heck it, walked in and got a Galaxy s3. I wanted to get a lower end phone at first but I thought, forget it lah, might as well get one that is good since I gonna use it everyday.

I got the blue one instead of the white one that I would have liked because white phones are getting way too common! My father has 2 white phones that looks like each other. Susan's Iphone is also white!

The blue one doesn't look too bad and the edges gleam in blue too! Moreover the official colour for SJ's fanclub is Blue. Hahaha. ok I am getting overboard.

Please see my beautiful, steaming hot wallpaper of Xiah Junsu.

So I am very happy to be able to have such a big wallpaper on my screen.

And then I have another of Sungmin sshi on my lock screen wallpaper.

 Sungmin with his beautiful fair skin of a baby.

Ok... so now you guys can whatsapp me and whatever. And if you have any good apps, please let me know. I have already downloaded the kpop apps, facebook, twitter and stuff like Iris bus etc.

My good friend, JH introduced me to download an app called Period Tracker to track my menses. Haiz.. why do I have crazy friends...

Please read my friend's convo on whatsapp. See the timing?? 4am!!


Anonymous said...

who will you be going to smtownina with? do you know there is another one in sg?

Miko said...

Hi there, I am going with another 2 Elfs. Actually I already booked the tickets to SMTOWN INA quite long ago and at that time SMTOWN SG was not announced yet. Either way I didn't regret because SMT INA will be Lee teuk's last concert so I am happy to be able to see him. I will still attend the SG one tho.

Anonymous said... good. haha. I'm waiting for ss5 and none of my friends are elf. =( enjoy your trip though!

Miko said...

Hi there~ You wanna join us to go for SS5 if it's in SG? We can go together with the other ELfs I know. :D

Anonymous said...

haha sure if you don't mind ! ^^

Miko said...

maybe u can email me or add me in fb.. so when there is anything, we can all gather together. I have twitter too. my account is luv_opera. :D

Anonymous said...

ok thanks! :P followed you on twitter!