Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Everyone is gone

Recently so many has been going overseas. Too rich and too much time dunno what to do. I envy these people who have both time and money!

May Teng is going to TW soon. Her second home which she didn't really enjoy going. Hahaha. But she still has to go, she is obliged to go. I always find it a waste that she has bought the tickets to TW and yet she cannot help me bring things back and comb my wig. To me it's a wasted trip to TW. So wasted!

So she will be gone next week for one week. She will not be around to rehearse with us. I think she will be lagging behind from the lack of rehearsals. Then again, as long as she doesn't forget her positions in the show, I think she will be fine. I think it's a good try for her, something different. She is always either acting cute or acting fierce. This time let her act virtuous and demure. There isn't alot of chances that she can act demure so it's good la.

After May goes to TW, teacher will be going back to TW too. Then our da sao, zhuying, will also go china for hols. Everyone will be gone!

Yday we went to eat at Yishun coffeeshop with teacher and some other students. We ordered this steamboat, seafood steamboat. Nowadays very hard to find seafood steamboat so we always go Yishun to eat.

We finished one whole platter of seafood and ordered a second platter.

When the food came, we threw in everything into the pot as per normal and let it boil.

After awhile May Teng scooped, then BH scooped. BH suddenly asked my mum,"What is this? Is this a cockroach?"

Everyone froze in the middle of their business to look at the suspicious little thing swimming in BH's ladle.

My mum can't really tell then Jimmy said it's a baby cockroach!


Gross to the max can???

What is this? Seafood cum insect buffet ah???

Wah lau eah, super mega spoil mood. So we send May to complain. She is so good at this sort of things.

So she went to complain and the waitress came over to see her herself. She still had the cheek to grin! Like it's no big deal! It was a big deal you know!

Bloody hell.

Then she went back and wanted to prepare another platter for us but teacher said to cancel it. Cuz the mood is spoilt and we have no more appetite to eat there. Haiz...

I told May Teng that this time she got chance to get back at the store owner. The previous time we went, that owner kp that we brought our own food. They don't have shabu shabu mah.. so we bring lor.. if they have I can order but they don't have mah.

So May vowed not to go back to that place. Little did we know that this time we went back to that place, we kena a cockroach feast.

SAd, I think we really not going back to that place le lor...

In case you wanna know where it is, it's at blk 630.

We now have to hunt another place for steamboat...


your junior :p said...

just come my house for steamboat loh...

Miko said...

haha very good idea leh, we going on 6 May, no need to prepare steamboat la.. just some finger food ok~