Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Silly Us!

Guess what is this for?:

I think most of you must have guessed it, it's for washing the bowls and spoons etc. On the first day, they gave us 2 teapots both with tea inside and this plastic. So we were pondering if they will be giving us hot water to wash or not. Then we observed that the other tables had tea inside the plastic bowl so we reckoned that they normall use tea to wash the cups..

And this was what we did....

We basically put all the cups inside the plastic bowl and poured tea over it. Then we put the bowls in and do the same thing, lastly, the plates.

It doesn't really make sense to me cuz if we use the tea to wash the cups first then isn't the tea in the bowl be dirty? If it's dirty and we put the plates and bowls in, then the bowls will be dirty too. It's all very weird.

However, we continued this practice without questioning.

Eventually on my last in GZ, someone asked the waitress to show us how to wash...

Apparently, we had been washing the WRONG way for the past 5 days!!! My god... How silly we are! We should have asked first.

They actually poured the tea into the bowl (our own glass bowl) to was the cup and chopstick and they they wil throw the dirty tea into the plastic bowl. Hence the plastic bowl is not meant to be used as a basin.

Now u alll know so please don't repeat the same mistake as us when eating dim sum.

I am thinking that the people at the other tables must think that we are weirdos.

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