Tuesday, April 17, 2012


For a long long time I always felt that it's easier to talk to a woman than a man. Regardless of whether I need assistance in a shop or when I call up customer services.

After giving it some thoughts one day, yah I am always think of weird things when I am bored, I suddenly felt that women might not be what they used to be. I used to think that women are soft hearted and give in easily and therefore I like to talk to women more. However after a few incidents I realised that there are lots of bitchy women around. I mean, modern women are bitchy, we have to admit that.

How can I be so blind??? I didn't see this obvious fact when it's all under my nose!

Like my good friend, May Teng, is a typical bitchy secretary. Bitching about everything under the sun. Then I have other friends whom I shall not mention names, who are also like this. They bitch about everything. Nothing pleases them.

Then when I think about my guy friends, they are so much easier going. Ok, easy going is a nice way to put it, the real term should be bo chup. They don't really care so much about other people and other stuff as long as these stuff don't cross their paths.

Sometimes when I call up customer services, I cannot get what I want from a lady officer. But when I called again and talked to a guy officer, I managed to get what I want without much effort put in.

So you see, we are no longer in a world where ladies are demure, innocent and soft hearted. We'd better wake up that idea.

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