Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Being Commercial

Sometimes when I tell people that I learn Chinese Opera, Nanyin, French etc, they will tend to think that I am a very artsy fartsy person. Or maybe they will think that I pretend to be artsy. That I will appreciate all kinds of arts from painting to sculptures to symphonies.

Truth is, I know nuts about other kinds of art forms.

I can't appreciate paintings especially those abstract types with like a black dot in the center to represent the center of the universe kind of thing. To me a black dot is a black dot. Neither can I appreciate those great symphonies by great composers. The few classicals I like are only Vivaldi's Four Seasons and Liang zhu. The rest all sound the same to me. I will fall asleep.

So if people ask me to visit art galleries or attend classical concerts, most probably i will not be interested. Maybe once in awhile I will go but I will still not understand.

Also, I really don't like to watch artsy films. You know those Art House kind of films. I watched a lot of such films recently due to work but man, I really find them boring. And I don't understand what the story is about. Most of the time there is no story. They are super slow. Like they can film a snail for one minute... Then film a man at the seaside for another minute... then go back to that snail for another minute...

I will be like.. DuH... @.@

I am not saying they are not good. I am only saying that I don't know how to appreciate. It's too deep for me to understand.

That aside, I am overall a very commercial person. I like commercialised stuff. I like you know Hollywood movies. Those very commercial types like Thor, Mr Poppin's Penguins and now I wanna see Avengers etc.

And for songs and music, I like Super Junior, Eminem and of course I like Ekin's songs.

So what's the point of writing so much on this topic? Nothing actually.

As a very commercial person, there is no deep meaning to my blog posts. I just write whatever I think.

And once again.. I must DECLARE that I am not belittling, demeaning, degrading, insulting or criticizing other arts. I am just saying that I don't know how to appreciate just like the majority of the people in the world. So please don't twist my words.

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