Monday, March 12, 2012

Guangzhou Steamboat

Can anyone believe it that we consecutively had steamboat for 4 days in GZ? It was a steamboat mania!!!!

ONe thing it was because teacher loves steamboat. Second because the weather was freaking cold. Lastly because the steamboat restaurant is just below my hotel and it's cheap! Look at the menu!

Is that cheap or what?

And in Singapore we don't see pig's blood or duck's blood anymore but they do still sell those frozen blood cubes there. I don't really fancy this kind of food but apparently, teacher and the rest of the group really love the duck blood. I dunno. It's just weird to eat blood cubes, I imagine them to taste very ironish. They keep telling me that it's very nice so I tried one small piece. It wasn't as ironish as I imagined it to be but still it's not really my kind of food.

Baohua loves the yam dish, it's a side dish, fried yam. I must say that I like it alot too! And every time we eat there we will order this dish. The first time when we went to the restaurant, they let us sit a the only round table there. It was in a nice cozy corner. And then at the end of the meal, they gave us a voucher for our next visit.

So because of the voucher also, we kept returning to the restaurant. It was a 20yuan voucher. Not too bad! And everytime when we went back there, we will sit at the round table. So much so that the restaurant workers started recognising us. There was once when Teacher and BH went to the restaurant first, DLQ went back to hotel for the toilet and I went to buy something.

When I got to the restaurant, the waiters recognised me and immediately showed me to the table without me telling them that I am looking for someone. LOL....

Why the pouty look on BH face??? hahaha... On the last day, the last time we went to the restaurant, I told the owner that he don't need to give us anymore vouchers (he gives us one everytime we visit). I told him that we will come back here to eat if we ever come back to GZ...

Actually the variety of dishes are not to many over there. There are only a few things that I eat. They sell mainly beef and mutton. There is not pork!!! Damn.. So I ate mutton instead. Still not too bad la. Better than nothing. I love the cheesballs though. The dishes they provide are different from SG. Their prawns are very tiny and they don't have crabs. Fortunately, I am not really a meat or seafood person so I still enjoyed it.

On average, each meal cost about 200yuan. Not too bad! About $40 for 5 person. Thinking about the steamboat makes me hungry.... tsk tsk...

Erm.. I also dunno what they are doing.. hahaha

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Ace said...

Hi, I have some advise need to ask you about Guangzhou. Do you mind emailing me because I can't seems to find your email address here :)

I'm leaving to Guangzhou in the next week.. Therefore need some advise :)

Hope to hear from you real soon :)