Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dua Leng Kim

I have never heard of this fruit, leng kim, before. It was the first time I see it when I was im HK last month. QY said that they sell this in Singapore too but really I have never seen it before leh. It looks like a soursop bu it's not. I think it's the soursop's brother.

I forgot to take a picture of it before it was being chopped into pieces.

Really look like soursop hor? But they insisted that it's not. Because it was a very big fruit, we call it dua leng kim.

And apparently dua leng kim rhymes with DLQ so we called DLQ as Dua Leng Kim. Da Li Qin with Dua Leng Kim.

Anyway this is really a very nice fruit! It's quite sweet and the flesh is soft. I told my mum to find in the supermarkets here but she always come back and report that the dua leng kim are very hard, not ripe enough to eat. So till now I haven't seen any ripe and edible dua leng kim in SG. I miss it leh~~

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