Monday, October 11, 2010

Superstar Tutors

Hey Guys, remember I went to Hongkong in August? I was staying at Causeway Bay and then I saw that there are many big posters advertising the tution centres there. What we normally see in Singapore's posters are children or children wearing the square hats. Or students giving their testimonials on how fantastic the tution centres are.

However, apparently in Hongkong they decided to go for the super star tutors style. It's so funny lor. They advertised their tutors like they are some superstars or something. I dunno, maybe the good looking teachers can attract more students or say parents to enrol in their tution centres?

Looks like some kind of movie poster for the upcoming movie right? At first sight I still thought it's a movie poster but I saw that I dunno all these 'stars'. Then I read carefully and saw that it's an advertisment for tution centre.

This is like American idol or something.. lol. So damn funny lor. Then again it attracted my attention so it sort of worked.


Anonymous said...


I really don't care, as long as they can teach. I think when it comes to tutor, I would prefer one on one, coz it target straight to my problem.

It's said that HK student need to study like 7 days a week. What is the "fate" of Chinese student are so said? wu~ wu~ wu~~ LOL
(good that I am not in school long ago)

Miko said...

lol, now singapore students study everyday too. Even on School holidays. It's quite sad actually. I am also very lucky to be borned earlier~