Saturday, October 23, 2010

Eagle and JackRabbits.

Eagles have got eyes bigger than their brains.

Eagles have vision 3 times cleared than a human being. It can see a hopping rabbit high above the ground. Eagles has very fast flying speed which I forgot what it is already. It's claws with very long talons are built for catching rabbits. For very big eagles, they can even sometimes catch a small deer.

The jack rabbit on the other hand, sounds like it stands very low chance in out running the eagle if the eagle wants to catch it. Today, however, I saw a documentry of this rabbit which is actually very smart.

Rabbits has got neck bones that are shock absorbing, thus stablizing its head and ensure that it maintains a clear vision even when it is hopping at full speed. The speed of a jackrabbit or hare can reach 72km/h! That is like the speed of a car already.

This documentry I saw the hare was hopping very quickly while an eagle was swooping down with its claws stretched out. Suddenly the hare stopped hopping abruptly. The eagle therefore overshot and did not land on the hare. It rolled on the ground a little while the hare quickly hopped away. The eagle, though much stronger than the rabbit, did not manage to catch it.

LOL. I think the scene was funny. The hare was hopping at 72km/h when it just suddenly stopped. It is very smart right? I mean it managed to estimate the correct timing when the eagle is about to reach the ground.

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