Saturday, October 16, 2010

The licky t-shirt

Licky licky yah ah ah~

I bought this licky t-shirt from Guangzhou and I love it so much! I wore it to SL one day and Ponyo told me that I should buy one for her too! LOL, I duno mah, I tot she only wear branded. :P

So apparently she likes my t-shirt so much that I lent it to her so that she can wear to SL when I go there for practice.

Happily, she wore the T-shirt to SL and took some photos together. Some people like Susan commented that we are very 变态 but I think otherwise. Don't you think its very funny to take photo with the licking t-shirt mah?

Ponyo's husband asked her why she must borrow the t-shirt from me. Doesn't she has alot of clothes already? Still must wear other people's clothes. Well, cuz my t-shirt is special! See the zip on the mouth? It can be unzipped to reveal the tongue.

LOL, revealed the tongue and we took this photo with the same expression as the t-shirt!

Oh no! Why is the dog licking my monkey??? Something is not right leh! Hahahah... Poor monkey, the dog bully him. I got the t-shirt back from her already. Will wear it to COI one day... Hahaha then start having fun taking photos again. :)

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