Sunday, October 17, 2010

Stitch Hat

My brother works in a petrol station. Everytime a car with Stitch's decorations drives in, he will ask the car owner if he can take a photo of the decoration or ask where the driver bought it from. Apparently, using this method, he has gotten a lot of free Stitch's decorations from the generous car owners.

One day, he 'kop' this pair of Stitch hat from a driver.

The hats were really funny and my mum actually automatically wore it on her head. I didn't ask her to do it. She just did it and she even struck me some poses with the hat. I think she actually likes stitch too but she just deny it to maintain her matured mother image. -_-"

See how happy she is with the hat on her head.

The hat sort of looks like a helmet. My mum told me to use this instead of the real helmet when I am riding a bike. You think the police will let me off wearing this? Or maybe she wants me to die!

Not bad right? Who dares to wear this to Orchard road??? :)

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