Tuesday, August 03, 2010

We love Gatherings

We were having alot of gatherings recently with our teacher Ang. Including this coming sunday, I think we already had gatherings for 3 consecutive weeks. Amazing right? Well, I guess Ang is too tired and stressed so she love to have us over to party nowadays. Disturb her, flip her refrigerator upside down etc. She doesn't mind us messing up her place but we also got help her clean up before we leave lor. I have the pictures of our first gathering. It was on that day when our show was cancelled for the rain. Lame. Anyway we weren't exactly sad that the show was cancelled. AS you can see we had a great time too. QY even went to buy crabs and prawns to celebrate.

We were lucky to have May and QY and my mum who were excellent cooks to prepare the food for us.

And we were lucky that May and QY dare to kill the crabs and prawns because I wouldn't dare to and neither is my mum. It's kind of scary.

And at every gathering, we must have drinking session. Frankly speaking I really hate to drink. The taste of wine is so damn awful lor. I don't understand why people like to drink it and even say that it taste good. It's so sour and smelly...

MD is singing very engrossedly. Ang has this mic stand at her home to my surprise! LOL.

Wine wine wine and more wine.... Everyone drinking. YH and MD's face always turn red after drinking. YH's ears also turn red lor. Ang said that MD's face will turn green after the red. LOL ad then DLQ face will turn from red to purple then to white.

Bala will join us in the gathering if he is in a good mood. On our second gathering, he did not turn up. We did invite him but I think he is too busy lah. This coming holiday on 9 Aug, we are going to celebrate at teacher's house again. This time it will be desserts theme. But then teacher said that if it's dessert theme then we cannot drink. She seemed kinda disappointed that there will be no drinking session. LOL

So I told her, we can go to her house and have the drinking session on Sunday night. Then those crazies can stay at home for the night. (We have been talking about sleeping with teacher during the second gathering LOL, it was a joke, please don't get any wrong ideas) So yah, some people will bring sleeping bags to sleep in her living room lor. I think we are really crazy. We got a show coming on 29 Aug and we are celebrating on every possible day! Then after the 29 Aug we got another excuse to celebrate. It will be a bigger celebration cuz the peformance has ended, teacher is stress free.

I got photos of the second gathering but I dunno where I put leh. I want to upload but I canot find lor. Sianz!!!

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Kongming said...

ppl face green green first then red then black mah.. mine is normal..
dlq's.. no comment...