Saturday, August 07, 2010


As I blogged recently about chocolate, my bag, I would like to tell you all that YH has also bought the same bag! LOL, she bought it in white so as to be different from me. White is really a nice colour but then it gets dirty easily so I bought brown.

Seeing YH carry that bag to rehearsal one day, I was very excited so I took a picture of our bags.

I told YH my bag's name is Chocolate. She said that then her bag should be white chocolate lor. And my on should be milk chocolate. LOL, so now her bag's name is white chocolate and mine is milk chocolate.

Milk Chocolate love white chocolate very much!

Muackz.. YH say that my milk chocolate is always molesting her white chocolate. LOL, soon they will have kids like small little mixed white and milk chocolate. Haha.. May Teng cannot stand us.

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