Tuesday, August 03, 2010

My new Bag!

I bought a new bag on Satrday! It's a cute bag tat I have spotted last month in JB but I didn't buy it cuz I thought it was kind of expensive. I was tempted though. This time, I saw it at Bugis at cheaper price so I got it! LOL I love it so much but it's abit too big for me. I don't like carrying big bags cuz I hate it when people ask me if they can put their things in my bag. It will make my bag super heavy and my shoulders pain. I hate to carry heavy bags cuz it reminded me of my secondary school days. My bag weighed a ton at that time.

Anyway back to the bag. I think it's extremely cute. May think it's extremely ugly. She got weird taste lor. YH think it's cute too and she even asked me to help her buy one. Today, I went to the same shop to get her the same bag but in white instead.

MY mum modelling the bag for me. Damn cute right.

I asked my mum what name I should give it. MY mum suggested 'chocolate'. So yah, now my bag's name is chocolate. Cute name for a cute bag!! And another thing, May doesn't know who is Domokun lor.

This is Domokun. He is a piece of burnt bread. Yes it has got mouth and teeth and it is also cute.

And of course, altho domokun is cute, I think my SCRUMP is cuter!!!! FOREVER SCRUMP!


Anonymous said...


I know Domokun long ago, I didn't know the name, and didn't know he is a "burnt bread" until now.

Before I thought Domokun is .... (something from bathroom, and needs to be flush...),
you know what I mean? lol

Miko said...

hee hee.. Yah he does look like that something from the toilet! LOL. I also didn't know he is a burnt bread. A friend of mine told me.