Sunday, August 08, 2010


I think many people don't really know me well though they might have known me for a long long time.

Last week, I was at the library when Ang, teacher Ang, called me. I whispered to her and she asked me why am I whispering. I told her that I am in the library. Her reaction was,"When did you become so knowledgable, got go library one."


Another time, I was a Bishan library when Susan called me. I told her I am at the library and she was also surprised,"wah, you got go library one ah..."

It seems like many people were surprised by things I do. For your information, I got a big variety of hobbies so don't be so surprised lor. When KL first heard me going to the library, he asked me what I am going to the library for. To read lah. duh.

I got a fetish for books actually. I love seeing books being stacked together or put together in neat rows. They made me really happy. I used to love spending a lot of time in the library or Popular book store when I was still a student. The smell of fresh books made me happy too. LOL. Ok I admit that this is a little weird.....

When I was little, my mum bring me to TPY, she will leave me in the popular bookstore while she go buy her things. I can spend the whole day there, flipping through the books. My mum really hated to bring me to library or bookstores because I spent too much time there. She used to call me a bookworm or 'shu dai zi'. LOL. I am less of a bookworm nowadays. Firstly cuz there isn't a lot of books that interest me now and secondly I am very busy lor. I still read but I just don't find the novels as interesting as the old ones. Hopefully I will find some hidden treasure in the library by reading randomly.


Anonymous said...

well, ur face says opera, but no says books..
mayb KL think u go there sleep


Miko said...

wa. look me no up.