Friday, October 31, 2008

Solo - Opening Ceremony

We attended the opening ceremony on the first evening. Like I said in the previous post, I was quite suay cuz I need to go to the dancing school with the teachers to translate for them. I must say that the Indonesian dancers did a great job. I like their dances. It is a Javanese dance yet it has chinese opera elements in it.

Taken in our hotel lobby. I should have taken some photos of the dance rehearsal but I forgot. All I know is that the place was very hot and I want to get it done asap.

In the coach, I saw many people on the street were waving us though they didn't know who we are. Lol. Some even took photos of us. When we arrived at the palace (opening ceremony was in the palace), we marched into the ceremony area like we were walking on red carpet. There was music and dancing to welcome us.

The ceremony area (which will also be our stage). As it was still early, we decided to walk around the ceremony area to look at the exhibits.

Susan posing with a mask. When she saw the photo, she exclaimed loudly,"I look so ugly!"

I told her that she will be beaten up if someone hears her.

Me pretending to play their traditional instrument.

Susan also pretending to play. She told me that she likes to pretend. Lol, in the batik factory, she also pretend to do the batik.

Li lao shi also joined in the fun.

Susan in front of the main palace with Ang in the background. Think Ang was dying le cuz she told me that she was very tired and has little eat for that day.

Performance by the locals. This lady has got a very cool hair style. I liked it. QY and Ang liked it too.

Her hairstyle from the back.

This is a fashion show modelling their batik products. The dresses are quite nice actually but actually I think is because the models are pretty~
Almost died from exhaustion of the whole day's events. When we got back to the hotel, we washed up quickly and went to sleep because we will be going to Borobudor the next day. The bus will be leaving at 6am!!

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