Friday, October 24, 2008


Last year, I got myself a pink PSP in Dec. It has been almost a year and I had lots of good days with my baobei.

However, I am now being tempted to get a NDS too! Haiz, I think I am siao lor. The NDS cost about $320... which is almost the same as the PSP Slim but that time I got my PSP at about $400 (that time still ex mah).

The pink NDS will add on to my collection of pink gadgets. Hee hee.... :D

It's a bit extreme to own both PSP and NDS lor but I do know quite a number of people own them both. It's like when my psp low batt, I play NDS or the other way round. :) And if I sian on PSP games, can play NDS for awhile. Like that good mah.

Some more the new NDS got camera one. Then again, the camera won't be as good as my HP camera so no use also.

The con of buying NDS:

1) Bad grahics - NDS got really bad graphics. As a big sucker for good graphics, I am afraid that I might not be able to tolerate the bad graphics on NDS. Most of the games in NDS are 2D and flat. The last time I played a lousy graphic game, it didn't last me more than 10 min.

2) Bad sfx - Heard that the NDS sound effects quite lousy. Then again, I got my hp and PSP which got good sound effects le.

3) Plastic - The cover of NDS is very plastic. Unlike my psp which looks quite solid with the metallic pink, the pink NDS looks very plastic.

The Pro :

1) Long battery life - Can play for 8hrs, PSP for 6hrs.

2) More games - Can store more games in card as the games all got bad graphics, they don't require big spaces to stor.

3) More interactive - The games are more interactive.

Hmm.. so now I very mao dun lor. Don't know to buy or not buy. I think I buy next year la, in Jan or Feb as Chinese New Year or V Day present for myself. Lol....

I believe even if I buy NDS, PSP will still be my baobei cuz I am Sony supporter. hee hee..

*looks at PSP*

She is sleeping peacefully now.... hope she won't be jealous of the new NDS.


Anonymous said...

cake + tea:

haha, are you trying to hint your 'wish list' here? lol

um, seems like u r quite concern abt the graphic and sound of NDS;

Leisure things, is to enjoy, lo,

anyways...just my comment, up to u, as long as u r happy. Playing games is suppose to be fun and happy, right.

Miko said...

Hee hee... yah.. But still got to consider the cost of it. I will probably get it next year.

sHeDiCo said...

u wanna get it? i have and i wanna sell mine haha... i can sell u cheap cheap =) mine in top condition played for a few times nia ha

sHeDiCo said...

and not to forget its pink in colour!

Miko said...

How much you want to sell? Is it modified? Anyway, I not buying so soon yet/

sHeDiCo said...

happy birthday! =) tell me your budget la.. i can agar agar ma.. modified means what pls can play pirated games ah?

Anonymous said...

cake + tea:

ha, u r back.

hehe, are you feeling temped by the deal now?

sHeDiCo said...

hey cake +tea i find your nick rather interesting =)

Miko said...

cake+tea: Yay~ I am back but nowadays I cant use my email in office. -_-" So I can't mail you yet. Will do so when I got time at home...

Anonymous said...

cake + tea:

shedico, thankx, I use this name coz i like to play 'jia jia jiu' 家家酒