Sunday, May 18, 2008

Singapore Flyer

Many people will think it is stupid to spend $30 to go on the Singapore Flyer. So damn bloody ex for just 30 min. I won't go for it personally unless someone pay for me.... :P
And it happened that Company organised this 'excursion' to Singapore Flyer last friday which also includes a dinner in a restaurant over there! Good deal!

The ticket to Singapore flyer. See the price on the ticket was actually $29.50.

Below the Singapore flyer. Each capsule can accomodate 28 people.

Right below the flyer is a garden. Nothing much about the garden though. Just some koi ponds and plants.

Looking up at the flyer~ It was huge to see it from the bottom.

Me and 1 of my colleagues, Evi.

Before going into the waiting area we must go through this detection system maciam going overseas like that. Must scan bags, scan if you bring metallic stuff on yourself etc. Mad right. Think they scared got terrorist bring the bomb onto Singapore Flyer and blow up the whole thing into bits. Waste our Singapore tax payers' money.

After scanning our bags, we need to go through yet another queue. This is a queue for going into a small room to take some superimposed photos which they will try to sell you after the ride.

Locky. What was he doing? He think he was filming some kind of shampoo commercial issit? Your hair is too short for shampoo ads lor.. my god.

The room in which we were to line up in this fake capsule and pretend that we are on the flyer. The round round things are the cameras. The staff there made all of us stand between 2 red dots and SUDDENLY the camera flashed and the photo was taken without our preparation. We were like,"huh? done liao ah? ok lor.."

The capsule was waiting for us.

Open Sesame!

Everyone settling down, getting ready their cameras to take photos.

Yay~ I am inside it already~

Neo brought this tiny camera and almost fooled us into believing that it can take photos. It is actually a light only lor.. chey...

Up up and away! Going up le wor~ That is the CBD area.

Me, the asst manager and another colleague, Michelle.

Nice scenery~ can see the Shears Bridge.

A group photo of our department.

Me and Lock looking attentively at the sea.

Me: What's that?
Lock: A ship!
Me: And what's that?
Lock: Bird shit!

Pretty right? This was the favourite spot for taking photos. Many of us took turns to take photos here.

MD asked me to see which is the furthest place I can see. Silly question cuz the landmarks will be too small to see. Can you guys see which is the furthest place you see?

We are at the top of the wheel! Wooot~ Super nice view right?

Like very act cute hor? Hee hee, I was trying to capture a photo of me and the height of the wheel but it turned out to be act cute lor.

Lock also act cute lor! Pretending to be sad. Like a little boy when the mother refuse to buy him a sweet.

A bloody big bi lei zhen! Hee hee, I was surprised to spot this big bi lei zhen outside the capsule.

End of the ride, we are now landing already. The trip was long, 30min and the ferris wheel moved super super super slow. So slow that you don't even know it's moving at all! A LCD TV inside the capsule tells us that it is the biggest Ferris Wheel in Southeast Asia.

Remember the superimpose photo that we took before the ride? After the ride, they will show us the photo on these monitors. We will then decide if we want to buy it or not. Each photo is $15. They sure knows how to make money huh?

This is a bloody long trip for just a ride on the SG Flyer. Guess I will blog about the other stuff another day.

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Anonymous said...

The quality of the S$15 photo is damn poor and price very expensive. The cost is not more than 20 cent. You will be mad to purchase them!