Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mother's Day

Mother's day passed so long ago, now then I start blogging it. I know it's a bit slow lah but no choice you see. I am too busy liao le.

Our slippers outside Baohua's place. Alot of slippers lor.

On Mum's day, we went to Baohua's place for dinner. She invited us and pooled in some money to fix a steamboat. Yes de, steamboat as usual. Seems like it is our troupe's favourite food. May prepared MOST of the food and it took her one whole day to do it.. aww.. so nice to us right?

For those of you who never seen us for a long long time, May has got a new hairstyle. Her hair kana fried when she was in Saudi. Hahahaha.... Everybody please take a look at her act cute hairstyle.

She refused to let me take photos at first because she say she tai ko face but we made her so in the end she posed for us.

Yay~ Me and my tai ko face. It's getting better though, the pimples are getting lesser and soon I will be getting chemical peel done at NSC.

Me and silly KangLong.

Kanglong took this photo. At first he took a photo of the 3 of us gossiping then i told him he must include himself in the photo because he was one of the by-listener listening to our gossips. We were all so full after the steamboat. And now we were waiting for the superstars to come for second round. The superstars came quite late. They arrived at about 11pm.

Me posing for the camera with my back.. hahaha... these are the few superstars who came at 11pm. Madness.

The steamboat ended at about 12am. We were so super tired. Ang was there too and she as usual made us all toast her with a glass of red wine. I really hate to drink red wine or any kind of wine lor but bobian. She made us drink it. After the drinking, Ang suddenly conduct a singing class and a few of them started singing along with her. All those ji zi diao, san pen shui xian etc. So weird right. Suddenly conduct singing class after dinner.

Anyway the whole thing ended at about 12am. Think we we disturbing the neighbours too much lor. Hee hee....

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Anonymous said...

Ya, I also hated wine. Can't stand the alcohol smell. Feel like vomitting. No matter they say hw sweet or nice, the taste sucks, 2 me.