Monday, May 05, 2008

Heart Kun

I was surfing online yesterday and I came across this puppy called Heart Kun. This Heart Kun is so mega cute that I must definitely blog about him!

He is a very unique long coat chihuahua. Why is he special? Cuz.......

So mega cute right! He is called heart kun because he got a natural heart shape on his fur! Awww... so cute!

Heart Kun is borned in Japan. The owner bred over a thousand dogs but this is the only one that has got a heart on it.

Do you like Heart Kun? Unfortunately, the owner says that Heart Kun is not for sale... too bad..

Heart Kun was also reported on the news in Reuters. Nice?


sHeDiCo said...

my friend's dog also have a heart on his back its a jrt!

Miko said...

I like JRT! They are so super cute!