Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Just want to blog about my psp which has been such a supportive companion through all these times. So many ups and downs, so many troubled times, PSP is the only thing that stayed with me throughout. It provided me with all the entertainment I need, helped me to kill time and eventually forget all woes.

Look at my sweet little psp! So cute right? Awww..... When I just bought it, I didn't really use it. Just left it lying around but recently, I have been constantly using it and I think it's really a great companionship. Life is so boring. Full of boring things to do. Still have to go to boring coi classes. Haiz. Fortunately, I can bring this with me around so it can company wherever I go.

My PSP is pink and sweet. I want to give it a name but I don't know what name to give it! Erm.. Pinky? Minimo? Hehe....

Think I going to buy an extra battery for it already.. So I can have a longer entertainment time.


Kongming said...

how abt 'miniko'

Miko said...

mad or wat~ Miniko is MY nick leh.