Friday, February 09, 2007

Steam boat and again!

Was going to meet may and YH for steamboat yesterday when I bumped into Nancy. She all the way from Yishun come down to amk to eat lor.

DLQ also here, must be she jio nancy one. I waited for 1 hour before finally the 2 woman arrived. Mad or wat.. I was going to die of hunger.

Ta dah~ Steamboat again and again!

You know hor.. This May very good lor.. Take a lot alot alot of crabsticks and very shun qi zi ran put them into the steamboat. After awhile, she realised that there were clams so she also very shun qi zi ran put alot of clams into the steamboat.

The last time we went to eat steamboat, May targetted to eat 50 prawns but she never accomplish it. Only managed to eat about half.

So I asked her today she want to target for 50 prawns again?

She say no...

She targetting 3 things only.Prawns, clams and quail's eggs. Still must pose the 3 kind of food nicely for me to take photo.

Me: Very good may. You target to eat only 3 things then what about the whole lot of crabsticks u put in?

May: Err... got you mah! You eat lor....

Me: What the hell... You put alot lor then now u tell me u dun want to eat.

May: I dote on you mah, give you eat crabsticks.

Me: Sai jit ba hor li ki si lor..

May: I am so sorry but I have to sacrifice my crabsticks to eat these 3...

Then I wanna take some pork, she ask me to long bring alot alot of clams for her... Haiz.. mad or wat.

So I took some clams and I saw an ALIEN among the clams!!!!

SEEE?? The dotty one.. my god.. alien.. YH say its a snail.

I wanted to take a photo of May cuz she did a funny hairstyle but she refused to let me take photo. What the hell.. But i still managed to take one and she is going to kp to me that I blog her ugly photos.

Well, May, in the first place you shouldn't have done that funny hairstyle lor.

Ok lah.. I shrink the photo smaller.

Then this YH started to gui gui sui sui take photos.... I spotted her and she immediately tried to take my photo..

If you all got play Fatal Frame before.. .you will know that taking a photo of the ghost will kill the ghost with a word.. 'FENG'

So... YH 'FENG' me!!!!

So I 'FENG' her back and I think she has a photo of my fenging her. hahaha.. So funny, we always take photos of each other like this....

Both YH and May tried to 'FENG' me!!!!

Me: Please lor May, you dun have a blog, why the hell you take photos for. please dun extra...

May and YH 'FENGING' each other!!! hahaha.. so funny.. I cannot stop laughing ... laughed like hell! Notice the amount of clam shells in front of May.

YH feng me again!!! Arrrgghhh.... *roar*

May extra again.. reminded her many times she dun have a blug she still want to feng me.

After eating, we went to Red Tomato shop to buy May's shower cream. She felt that Red Tomato is selling things super cheap. Then I went to buy more PS2 games... and went to meet nancy they all again at the kopitiam.

Xiao Li Qin then told may an earth-shaking news....

Haiz... let me take a deep breath before saying..


Another shop further down is selling $1 cheaper than Red Tomato for shower creams.

May's face sank. She couldn't believe it and immediately took out her shower creams and stare at them with an unbelievable look.

Yeap.... these were the 2 bottles she bought.... She was very upset over it.

Yh can't be bothered lor.

look at her disappointed face.

Took a photo of Tian who disappeared for very long time from COI... This saturday, we will celebrating my mum's bday at my home.

Oh yah, I bought a game 'Bomberman' for May to play lor. Actually it's a free game lah, so I chosed bomberman cuz May was very excited when she saw it.. i duno but this kind of game dun suit me lor..



Anonymous said...

thank you dearest mk for blogging my super duper ugly photo. like this, i will never find my di er chun lor. is this wat your wan???

Miko said...

please lor.. u think ur di er chun will visit my blog meh.. My blog is not very famous lor, only got a bit of kacang puteh visitors.