Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Chinese New Year

Ok lah, I know i disappeared for a long time. I busy mah.. Busy Moon-lighting lor. Hahaha...

So now before I leave for BKK, I will blog up all the pics I took for the past 2 weeks or so. Of cuz the first most impt thing is chinese new year la. Sian right. I getting older and older le. Another year has passed.. liew.. I am old ah mm le.

Beginning to hate chinese new year more and more.. haiz..

Every chinese new year, we will visit my po po and we will all sit around this round table and gossip. Usually gossip the same things over and over lor. This year the hot topic as my brother's gf. Hahaha.. Liew.. he very can lor. he found a gf faster than me. So everybody very eager to know more about this girlfriend of his. He also buey paiseh.. he happily talked about his gf. When relatives asked me, I told them I want to co-habitat with May in 5 years time. All of them stunned then they keep quiet. Hahah.. That will stop them from asking me further.

Some of them actually believed that I am lesbian. Woohoo~

It was also an annual event to gamble in my room. Every chinese new year, my aunties, cousins etc will play blackjack in my room but I dun play lor. I want to save money mah. Cannot afford to lose anything u know.

Those who dun like to play blackjack will be in the living room watching tv and chatting. My little cousin playing with my com lor. Stress leh.. later he break it.

The housewives will be cleaning the kitchen and the utensils. Chinese new year is the same every year I tell you.A cousin, Zhen yin, we seldom see each other. In fact I see all my cousins twice a year. Once on Chinese new year and once on Qing Ming.. Hee hee...

See this Zhenyin is like YH, taking a photo of me while I taking a photo of them.
All my cousins.. aiyo.. super blur leh the photo. Bobian. use hp take one mah.. Can u see me or not...After eating dinner, they continued to play black jack lor. Liew... After they left, I went to gcb to find may they all. Got a date with them mah.. to stay overnight at May's house.

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