Friday, February 09, 2007

My PS2

Woo hoo~ Looking at my PS2, I am very happy.

So slim and black... and sexy. hahaha

In order not to miss any items in the game, I bought a guidebook. I must complete the game with ultimate power lor. If not, I will play all over again after I complete. I am planning to do so liao cuz I missed out some items in the beginning. SH*T!

Inside the book, there are information on ALL the monsters in the game. Their HP, MP, items, elements.. etc.
That is my Hello Kitty TV with my game. See.. my male lead, tidus. I was playing half way when I decided to take a photo of it. Hahaha...

Another shot of my game...

You all must be thinking I very boliao right. Everytime talk about FFX, even fr can remember that I am playing FFX liao.

And you know what?? I just bought FFXII!!!!! Hahahaha... and I am going to borrow FFX-2 from my fren... Endless playing of games make my life not so sian.

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