Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Friday Night

Last Friday, after my SL class, May and YH arrived at my home at 12am to do what u all guess...


hahaha.. May brought liqour and poker and I asked my mom to buy chips for us. 3 of us started playing dai di and the loser was supposed to drink some of her liquor.

I very busy lor, I sms alot while playing the dai di, may and yh say i bo sim to play. I got sim to play la, but sms also very impt mah. hahaha.. I can multi task one, no worries but I still lose until very jia lat. only won 2 or 3 rounds. YH won most of the time. I didnt know YH is in fact a gambling queen.. hahaha.. ok la i lose lor. Kana drink alot of alcohol until I go ga ga.. Then May stopped pouring for me cuz I can't finish it..

At arpund 2+am, both of them left.. but I still abit ga ga..

We got alot of events ah, still wanna watch vcds together.. no time leh.. now that we got to rehearse the new show. sianz..

btw, I doing sheng for the new show.. challenge right.. I think my sheng will be handsome lor.. ok.. please dun play play..

well, someone know that I going to do Sheng and offered to teach me.. hmm.. and that person want to be my dan.. hahaha.. my god.. I got a new niang zi.

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