Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Taiwanese Hakka Opera


That's the troupe's name. I accidentally came across this troupe's website while surfing net and immediately, I like the iamge they project.

Nice right, neat and nice.

The one above is very gzx.. the one below also.. see the toushi of the dan, just like GZX.

Too bad this photo so small.. cant see the toushi properly.

Then I found some video clips and realised that they used gzx tunes to sing hakka opera too.

resemble gzx?

Pretty guanyin.. this clip of guanyin also uses a gzx tune.

Then lastly, a clip which I think uses the hakka tune liao, doesn't sound like gzx anymore.

Their clips looked appealing to me. If got chance, must get hold of their VCDs. Never watched Hakka opera before tho...


fr said...

I aslo first time watch Hakka opera, the video clips from the same website?

Anonymous said...

the first song is a chinese xiao diao song right?

the second one sounds more like a cantonese song to me..

Miko said...

FR: Yup, all 3 clips are from the same officiaul website of this troupe.

piano lover: the first song is a gzx tune, yu lou chun. The second one my mum say is gzx tune but I cant recall the tune name.. If is cantonese song, FR would have recognised it le.

Anonymous said...

miko: It's not very politically correct to say they use gzx tunes. Because don't forget, gzx uses tunes from all sources, including pop song and tunes from other opera genres. Hence, yu lou chun could most likely originates from hakka opera, or shares the same "source" as the hakka version.

piano_lov3r: there're a large number of hakkas in Canton province, so there might be some influences from canto folk lor..

Anonymous said...

Anyway, for your info, this Taiwanese Hakka ("pluck tea") opera and Mainland China's "Pluck tea" opera is entirely different in terms of music. Sounds almost like two different opera genres!

Miko said...

AC: Yah, I think the taiwanese hakka opera is influenced by the taiwan gzx leh... in terms of looks and singing.. got the very strong taiwanese style.