Saturday, September 02, 2006

A Day of My Life

Just a normal and simple blog entry about a day in my life. Yah, very long never write a normal diary liao, been kping too much recently. Haiz....

Today's work was tedious man, got lots of filing to do as a big boss from France is coming on Monday. oh well. bo bian lor... supposed to have this spainish dance class in the evening one and it clashes with my shen duan class with SL. I chose to go for the dance class of cuz. Time is running out.

In the end, zx called me up, say qy is sick, she is tired and i cant going for the spainish dance class. That means there will be few students in the shenduan class. So she request that we cancel it giving a reason that it is Teacher's Day. Well... I am fine with that so the shenduan class was canceled.

Then Lin Jia called me telling me that the spainish dance class was canceled as Chua was not free. Very well. Just minutes after I canceled the shenduan class then u tell me that u cancel the dance class as well. Feeling very sian, I asked May out for dinner but she suggested for shopping instead and then meet up with YH. YH got class until 10pm. So poor thing la.

We went to shop at Taka and we came across this super ugly bag. I dunno why the hell someone will carry such an ugly bag. So I decided to take a photo of it.

This bag.... is ugly beyond words. I do see ppl carrying this bag before... And May was holding this price tag which says $119.. ermm forgot the price. I think about there la.. So freaking ugly and so freaking ex.

After shopping, we went to have a drink at the foodcourt.. and gossiped... as usual, then we setted off to meet YH. Poor YH just finished class. Haiz. If i were her i will be super super sian lor. Work already so sian, still got to study after work.

We met up and went lau pa sat to eat cockles and gong gong. Hee hee. I cant stand cockles leh... aiyo... I have mentioned this before right. I cant stand cockles!

Then we talked about YH not working smart enuf in the office. That's why she felt she is not appreciated and boss keep picking on her. Haiz.. It take some lessons to learn how to work smart, to learn how to manage these ppl... like ur boss, ur colleagues.. etc..

My god.. I want to go Tibet leh.. haiz.. suddenly saw a documentry about reincarnation in Tibet on the discovery channel. Tibet looked so beautiful.. But i scared i will faint there leh, altittude so high.. Talking about Tibet, I think May once told me that she tot there was only one pyramid in Egypt. Hahaha.. almost fell off my chair when I heard that.... :P Egypt is another place I want to go very much.. I love mysteries and Egypt is mysterious enuf.

8 magnitude earthquake = 67000 hiroshima bomb??????

my god.. just saw on NGC.. Haiz.. I think I better watch TV and stop blogging. This topic look interesting... hee hee..

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