Sunday, April 02, 2006

Tomb Sweeping

Tomb sweeping day is like a family reunion to me. This year as usual, we are supposed to meet up at my grandma's tomb at 6am. I woke up at 5am... Tired sia. There was a slight traffic jam when we were approaching Lim Chu Kang.

My other relatives already reached there and once we arrived, my parents started cleaning the tomb. All the uncles and aunties started preparing and all the cousins sat at one side, as usual.

After cleaning up, the first round of burning began..... right in front of the tomb.

Burning incense paper... very blurry but artistic right.. hahah

Cousins sitting at the side of the tomb....

Queuing up to pray. We all queue up according to our status. The eldest go first then the second.. and so on..

Scary or not???

Somebody set a big fire on the jin zhi and then shouted... 'huat ah!!'

The sky is getting brighter. It is 6.49am. You see it is very crowded at the cemetery.

After everyone finished praying, we start to burn all the stuff... Burn ah!!! Burn!!!

My grandmother lies in peace here......

Took this before leaving~ Nice view right.. Reminded me of a poem. 千里孤坟无处话凄凉

When we were leaving, there was this long long traffic jam at the other side of the road.

Haha took this for fun.. I think it looks very peaceful leh..

Then we visited another tomb, my great grandmother or grandfather. I don't know. I didnt take the above pic cuz I dont want to go into the bushes and feed mosquitoes.. :P my aunt took it for me....


frannxis said...

your posting very light-hearted and funny....
the big fire in the darkness brings back memories of the scout campfires i attended.... and the funny items and sketches they did..

Miko said...

Thanks! You are the first person who commented this post. I thought it was boliao and no one want to comment.. hee hee...

I try to keep my blogs light hearted and casual.. So that my frens wont be stress when reading it... :P

the fire is fire of incense leh, the meaning quite far from a bon-fire.

A.C. said...

Wow... what old tomb.. was it at mount pleasant?

Miko said...

At kopi mountain, near adam road leh....

Hee hee~ wrong liao!

Kongming said...

Bukit Brown Cemetery

Also known as Kheam Hock Road Cemetery because it is situated along Kheam Hock Road.

The 213 acre Bukit Brown Cemetery was known among the Chinese as "kopi sua" or coffee hill. The cemetery contained some very ornate graves, complete with "jagas" in Sikh dress to guard them. It is one of the oldest cemetery in Singapore. You can see very old trees and unique plantation all over the hill.

One of the most historical cemeteries in Singapore

Heard that there is a muddy mound stands away from the other tombs on Kheam Hock Road's Kopi Hill. It has flower offerings and a flag covering it. A big joss stick urn is placed under the flag pole that makes it more like an altar than a grave.

Treasure land of Feng Shui:
Regardless of shape, grade or color, all the tombs share one good thing: they all situated on the treasure land of good Feng Shui in Kopi Hill.
Itis of a large dome shape with a slight steep hill in the center and a long narrow water creek surrounding the whole land. Such is a very good topographical feature in Feng Shui which helps collecting the Qi.

To keep the souls and spirits in control, Earthly God is placed right at the entrance. Fruits and incenses are offered to him as a continuous supply.

Dont look at me... the material is copied 1...