Friday, April 28, 2006


I haven't been blogging here for a long time. Not that I got nothing to blog but I have not time. Haiz, been very busy with my opera and work.

This week...
Mon - SL singing class
Tue - Rehearsal
Wed - SL singing class
Thur - Meeting for perf at Joo Chiat
Fri - Final Rehearsal
Sat - Performance
Sun - SL committee election

I really busy lor.. no time to write a nice, long and crappy blog.

But I will soon.

I will be back.

Trust me.


Anonymous said...

wowow.. ur entire week is on opera.. i used to be like that.. now is 1 week 7 days 4-5 days work... 2 days opera... u take care!xj

amai said...

Hahahahaha....MK's very enriching desu shio....If I were to be like that for the whole mum gonna nag like nothing...3 days of opera already makes her irritable... not to mention 7 days of opera...(LOL)

Miko said...

hahah this happens occassionally.. normally its only 4 days of opera.. 3 days break but this week got performance so it is full booked. hahah fortunately, my mum is in it also. ONly my father nag..

Kongming said...

take care. lucky i got break on thur and fri. but my Labour Day gone liao... Alumni meeting...