Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Tokyo 2013

This is so old.

Hahaha.. Whatever

I went to Tokyo for my Super Show5 in July 2013. It was a last minute decision because my friend had an extra ticket and she asked me to go. I hesitated for a few minutes, checked the price of air tickets and decided to go. I mean it's Tokyo Dome leh. Like.... the biggest venue for concerts. Though I know that I probably can't see a thing from that far distant, I wanna feel the atmosphere and the ELF aura there.

That being said, I am not blogging entirely about the concert but more of the overall experience in Tokyo~

I took the plane alone to Tokyo.. my cousin went too but she took another flight from another airline... Not too bad tho, just sleep and watch movies and tadah~~~ Arrived at Tokyo.
Excited for my first trip to Japan.

Being the workaholic I am, I took a picture of this... LOL....

From the airport, you can purchase train tickets to the city center. It's 1000yen, around Singapore $12.

My luggage, thank god for summer in Tokyo at this time that I don't have to carry a huge luggage. ^^

At the train station, we saw double deck trains~ it's awesome, I wanna try it one day. keke.. My cousin here taking a photo of the double deck train. It has been so long since I last took a train with beds~ It was cool, I enjoyed the ride~

In the train, I saw fans on the roof. LOL.. Why? Why fans? So funny.

After reaching Tokyo city area, I went to Shin-Okubo to meet a friend. ^^ The friend who told me that she has extra ticket and asked me to come to Tokyo~ LOL She is really a nice girl and helped me a lot. But we have some sort of communication breakdown because we have different accent. So although we can communicate well on KKT text, it's different when we met. I had to listen very carefully to what she is saying.

So after having dinner with my friend, she is very nice to bring me to Shinjuku Tower Records to get my Hero album~ YAY~~~~

Inside the Tower Records, there were standees of SJ~~ Which one is the nicest??

So I bought the albums for me, my friends and my brother. Album buying is always very exciting because they give out photocards inside the albums and these cards are random so you don't know who you will get till you open it. I always with luck with Donghae and Kangin I think.. XD

After Shinjuku, my cousin said wanna try Japan's KFC. So we bought this 3 pc or 4 pc meal, I can't remember. And 2 extra drinks. The drinks themselves cost about $3 and the 3pc chicken meal was $13~~ Woot! So for this tiny KFC meal we spent like $18-19... which can buy all 3 of us a set meal each in Singapore.

Proof here in case you doubt my words. Most expensive KFC I ever eaten.. in my life... to date. And it's not even tastier than Singapore's one honestly.

On the way back, we went to the 7-1... and I was blown away by their varieties of food and cakes in there! All of them look so pretty and delicious!! And actually not as expensive~~~ Gosh I wish Singapore's 7-11 has this~~~!!!

Look~~ And also the pre-cooked food, they all look so delicious!!!! ASDFGHASF you guys have to try this, they are economical too, about $5-6 each! ^^

398 yen that is about $5 :D

So yeah if you want to go on budget trip in Japan, you can settle your meals in 7-11.


Anonymous said...

You can speak Japanese? I think for a tourist who does not read or speak Japanese it would not be easy for him to go about sightseeing.


Miko said...

Yes... the Japanese dont speak a lot of English but they do know enough for basic stuff like ordering in restaurants and buying things in a store. :)

SmartChic said...

My god. U are still blogging. I happen to pass by here at this time!

Miko said...

@smartchic lol.. I blog as a form of diary... I want to be able to look back when time passed...