Tuesday, April 22, 2014

May Teng's Bday

Basically we don't do anything special on May Teng's bday nowadays because she has made it clear that her 29th birthday party was going to be her last. She does not intend to celebrate birthdays after that. However, being the good friend I am, I gathered a few people to have dinner with her at least.

So Lamie and me shared to buy a shampoo and conditioner for her cuz her hair is like cmi already... but I mist say got improvement recently liao cuz she finally heeded my advice to use conditioner and comb only after her hair dried. Hahaha.. but still... we thought shampoo is a good gift other than a bra.

Also not to forget her favourite kinder bueno chocolate.

So we wanted to go Bayfront steamboat at first but bloody hell I think they jack up their prices liao. Poor lowly paid workers like me cannot afford lor really... so we 7嘴8舌 to decide for another cheap place to eat. Finally I remembered the chicken rice steamboat which we used to go often. Its cheap and good lor!

We made our way 千山万水 to that place in Bugis.

That auntie working in the kopitiam is super atittude one. Like really super duper attitude lor. She always black face one and looks like we kiam her money. Anyway if u bochup her that place is still worth going.

If you go there and didn't pay attention to the auntie or you can't decide what to eat.. she will pek cek and walk away one lor. Also she will chase u out after u eat. Basically its a eat and just go place.

But cuz its cheap and the food is nice we just fan jian and go everytime.


It's been a long time since we hangout. I kind of miss the time when me, may and yh hangout at kopitiam or cafe.. and talk nonsense. Unfortunately yh already 抛弃 us.

Lol I wanted to post a pic of her here but I dun even have her pic in my phone. Lmao too bad.

MayTeng's gifts~~~ 

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