Saturday, September 04, 2010

Teacher's Day

On Teacher's Day EVE, we decided to give our teacher Ang a treat and we let her choose the place. She pin pointed that she wants to eat Sushi Tei at the Ngee Ann branch. Although there are many branches of Sushi Tei in Singapore, my teacher claims that the one in Ngee Ann is the best. The food seems fresher there to her.

So on that day, DLQ came to my place before we head to Ngee Ann together. Funny, she decided to have a bowl of mee siam before going for the dinner. She thinks that sushi does not suit her and she better fill up her stomach first before going there.

Fortunately ZY doesn't read my blog. Else she will kp her photo look very fat.

Just like what May would have done. And then YH will ask me not to blog her photos. How can I exclude YH in my blog? That is a very difficult thing to do because she appears in my life pretty often.

So yah, YH definitely will appear here one.

Must Li zuan and Zhu Ying appear to be so lovey dovey? Lizuan was very happy. She has finally passed her exams! I have no idea what paper she took but I know that it has got something to do with accounting. So many people around me are doing accounting.

Now that LZ has passed her papers, Teacher Ang will be giving her a treat. So good right? LOL.

That night, the dinner cost about $300 but fortunately, wanxin jie jie got sushi tei member card lor. We managed to get dunno 10% or 15% off the bill. Thank god sia. If not it's very siong lor. I asked teacher if she is in a good mood and she said yes. LOL, there was once I asked her this question and she said no... My god. When she says no, we all better siam far far. Dun get into her way and then kana by her lor.

Did you celebrate teacher's day with your teacher?

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