Saturday, September 04, 2010

Mt Faber

In case you are wondering why my blog is so lopsided here, I am telling you, I redesigned my header and everything but then I got no time recently to finish it. So I am leaving my blog as it is now for the time being. It's a bit ugly lor. The colours don't match and the picture size doesn't fit. Sigh, I will settle them when I have more time. Now I need to blog. I need to blog before I forget what I want to blog about.

It's been a really long long time since I had any 'excursions' with ponyo aka Yayi. I haven blogged about going out with her for a long long time because she was also very busy. We didn't have time to meet up. I only see her once a week in our singing lesson.

So we made a deal to climb Mt Faber on Teacher's Day. What a way to celebrate Teacher's Day with my teacher. LOL. Asking her why she chose Mt Faber, her answer was very simple. Because it is the shortest mountain in Singapore. It is not even a mountain I think. A hill probably.

The last time we went for a hike like this was on Qing Ming Festival last year. It's more than a year ago! I still remember at that time, she had this 'mushroom' hair cute. LOL. We got too deep into Macrtichie that time that in the end we called a cab in to pick us up. We were too dead to walk out of that forest.

This time, it was an easier quest.

Ponyo said that we must take photo at this very memorable moment. Well, I look like ghost in the photo lor and I dunno why she must hide behind me, making my face look so big and round. Moreover I tied all my hair up, making my face look rounder. She said that I look like I just woke up. Aiyoh.. my god. I should really photoshop this photo but then forget it la. Lazy and anyway not like seeing my 'raw' face is something new to u guys right.

A fleet of vicious stairs waiting for us to conquer it. Actually Mt Faber is really an easy climb. Just go up the stairs all the way and you will reach the top soon. Unlike the one I climbed at China. Gosh. I was so damn tired at that time.

Ponyo says that she loves this bag alot alot and so she must take a photo with it. She bought this bag at a discount but it still cost close to a hundred bucks. The funny thing is after she bought it, she left it at home for a long long time, totally forgetting it's existence until that day she saw it and brought it out to climb Mt Faber.

Finally we reached the top of Mt Faber. Took another photo to remember this moment. LOL.Our next quest was to find Henderson Waves. We took a long time to find it! We followed the signs, walked a long way, climbed a few more stairs before we finally found it. Pony kept complaining about the signboards. She said that they are not clear enough and she doesn't know which way to go. Sometimes there is a junction and there isn't any signs on the junction to tell you which way to go. I told her that both ways probably lead to the same place lor.

Finally, the Hendersons WAVES! We took another photo here to show that we have reached this place.... by foot. HAHAHAHA. And I took a same photo doing the same pose as Ponyo.

I am copy cat!

Isn't the bridge beautiful? With the clear blue sky and the cool breeze which you can't feel. We reached this Henderson Waves at about 11am after walking for about one hour. I think my HP takes wonderful pictures when the sun is bright. Look at Ponyo, walking very suspiciously.

Then we rested on this bench like thing. You can lie down on it and look at the sky. The breeze blowing at your face makes you feel like sleeping.


Ponyo said that I look as it I was being pinned down by some heavy objects.

I asked ponyo what this plant is and she told me that this is 冬天里的一把火. It sounded so silly that I told her I must take a photo of this and blog about it.

Then we made our way down Mt Faber. It was a quick trek actually. We took only like 2 plus hours . Unlike Macritchie, we took like 4 or 5 hours. It was so tiring that time.

As it was Teacher's Day that day, Ponyo told me that SL is treating the teachers for lunch and she said that I can come along. Paiseh lah, I am not a teacher in Siong Leng but I thick skin lor so I went. Hehh. I must take photo and blog about this because we had lunch at May's favourite restaurant, Coca.

Yay~ It was very nice! And we were super hungry after all that walking!

This wasn't a candid shot, she actually did this silly expression.

Yay, very nice lunch thanks to SL! We had a fruitful day that day. After the lunch, I went back home to rest, shower... etc. So shiok lor! Life is good when it goes like this. Hee hee.

Tomorrow I am going to Pasir Ris with Ponyo to cycle. It's going to be an early morning thing again so I got to sleep liao. If not tomorrow I will be too tired to cycle then I will lose to her.. Must sleep now!

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Nice nature, I wonder housing near there would be nice (coz near the nature), but may be expensive). And not sure if the transportation is okay convenient.