Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cycling at Pasir Ris

Damn it, Pasir Ris is near to my place and yet it took me like 1 plus hour to get there, making me late for my appointment. Was supposed to meet ponyo there at 9+ but I got there like about 10am lor.

It's been a really long time since I cycled and I really wonder if I still know how to cycle.

The scenery here is quite nice and I like this river with the bridge. Surprisingly, guess what I saw in the river? Jellyfish!! There were many and some were big, some were small. I tot that my eyes were playing tricks on me at first but then its really jellyfish! LOL, we spent some time there looking at the jellyfishes.

This is a funny pose lor.

Also, I saw that there is a stable at pasir ris park. The poor horses were tied to the fences or sticks in the ground. Poor horses. They must be feeling very pekcek to be tied down and cannot walk around freely. I will be damn sian if I were being tied to a spot.

This stable also provide riding lessons but that day I didn't see anyone riding the horses.

Then we saw this funny tractor thing. Dunno what this is for and why this is there. Ponyo thinks that it is cool so we took a shot of it.

This is to prove that ponyo really does know how to ride a bicycle. She is a better rider than me tho. Maybe I too long never cycle, abit rusty liao.

This was our lunch~ Provided by ponyo~ Not bad to be having lunch by the sea~

The weather was ok that day, not too sunny. I was so afraid that the sun will burn my skin. I did put some sun block on my face but ponyo didn't so she has to use her scarf to cover her head.

She even got to cover her whole face with it lor. Like she got no face to see ppl.

Our shoes! Guess which one belongs to who? It was damn cool to be dipping our feet in the water. Recently there is a report saying that pasir ris sea is too dirty for swimming. The bacteria level is too high in the water. Heng we that day never go swim there. Else we will be absorbing a lot of bacteria into our bodies!

I would reccomend you guys to go pasir ris and see the jellyfish! They are really cool to watch.

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