Thursday, May 06, 2010

Getting Creative

When I was a little girl, I think I was rather creative. I did alot of nonsense things and say alot of nonsense words. The older I get, the less creative I am. How sad right? Maybe I am too held up by work and opera that I didn't really have free time to let my mind wander around.

Here is something I did when I was young. HAhaha. I made my sister sit still so that I can style her hair with clothes pegs. Yup. I clip all the clothes pegs onto her hair. I just did it without thinking and this is what I got.

I think it's kinda cute right? And my sister also looked so cute last time! Hahaha. Not bad. Everytime I see this photo I laugh. My mum also laugh whenever she see this photo. She is amazed at how I come up with something as silly as this. And amazed that my sister actually allowed me to do that to her!
It's cute! I dun think I can do it again even if I want to! Fortunately, I got take a photo of this when I did it for memory keeping.

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