Saturday, May 22, 2010

My baobei

Over the months of living with Da Mung and Xiao Mung and scrump, I have took many interesting photos of them. Some taken by me and some taken by KL. Being the centre of attraction to my mum, she always try to do unfriendly things to my da, xiao mung and Scrump. Poor things! Always kana bullied.

One day when I came home from outside, I saw that my mum has put a fake hair bun on Scrump's head! I left the hair bun on the living room's table and she put it on Scrump's head. Since the thing is there already, I added some hair pieces to make Scrump pretty.

Is my ah Scrump pretty?

Another picture here was taken by KL. He did it while I was sleeping and meant to surprise me when I wake up.

Piling Mini scrump and a dog on Da mung's head. LOL I tot Da mung looked kinda cute here tho. KL always do funny things to my things when I am sleeping and this is not the only picture he took. He sometimes take pictures of me sleeping in funny positions. I know many people say it's not good to take a photo of a sleeping person but I don't really believe in that and so far, nothing has happened to me.
Then there is this picture of me taken with this drawings on a wall.

I really like that panda and dog drawing (there is dog at the side but it is not in the camera). They are so funny! All pointing at the same direction! Hahaha. So I told KL that I gonna join then and he will take the picture for me. LOL. Funny or not? If you wanna see this cute graffiti, it's at Marina Square, near the cinema.


Anonymous said...

Scrump the dan.. lol


Miko said...

my scrump is so cute