Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Gathering 03-04-10

Our first gathering in 2010 ended in a mess! LOL. It's all yh's fault lah. She tried to make our teacher drunk. Heng sia. That day I got performance so I arrived late and they forgot all about making my drink wine. I hate wine. Absolutely hate it.

Let's see, we got a total of about 12 bottles of wine that day.

Contribution from all the students... YH 's aim is to make teacher drunk.

And the came the feast contributed by various students too. My mum of cuz prepared her best dish, the chicken curry with fried bee hoon. May said that my mum must cook chicken curry cuz her curry is now like a stereotype in coi. Everytime we think of curry we think of my mum.

MAd bala in his yellow t shirt again.

Everyone laughing... dunno at what?

Teacher is getting drunk already. May sit quietly by her side, not making a sound, hoping that no one wil ask her to drink.

These 2 already give up. Sit at the side, concuss liao. hahaha.. So many ppl wearing pink that day leh. Think next time we have party, we must have a theme. Like everyone must wear certain colour or certain style. Then fun mah right... lol.

That day our teacher got drunk and she told me that the first thing she think of when she woke up the next day is... miko never drink any wine last night.

Hahaha... yah heng for me I escaped!


Anonymous said...

wow! she remembers u!

Miko said...

yah.. i am ai tu mah when it comes to drinking.