Monday, April 05, 2010

Practicing Opera

Practicing opera can sometimes be dangerous. Especially when it involves lethal weapons like tha 'Ah Ceh'. Dunno how to spell it but the Ah Ceh is a popular weapon for the opera practitioners. I believe all the opera pratictioners here have more or less used the Ah Ceh as weapon before.

May and Zhu Ying confessed to me not so long ago that they used the Ah Ceh to practice at home. Zhu Ying's son laughed at her while her husband shakes head. May practiced at home too and her maid said," M'am what you doing with that thing? I need to take baju."

My mum, being not an exception, used the Ah Ceh at home and caused a havoc. My father has to protect himself from getting attacked.

Please see..

Watch out your head.. My mum is on the prowl.

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