Monday, March 01, 2010

Kisses~ Muackz!

Random photos taken by Phyllis Quan. She too free nothing to do, go around snapping photos of people. Especially when we were on the float. She was very bored I think.

However some photos she took are quite nice unexpectedly like this one:

I was sitting on the float because my feet were aching from standing too much.

This photo looks like me and susan are gossiping....

Phyllis took this photo and she find this photo very amusing. She kept laughing and showing everyone this photo. HAhaha... She said that I look like a cat in this photo.

And this one... also very random.

I like this photo alot and set it to be my hp wallpaper liao. LOL cannot see my face... like very mysterious.

Then we tried to take a photo of ourselves like this but we kept getting the wrong photo because the float was very cramp. We decided that we will ask susan to help us take a picture after the parade.

After the end of our parade, we waited at a petrol station for KL to come pick us up. I took the chance to take some photos with the other dancers.

And so Susan helped us to take this muackz photo.

This Phyllis mover her face so far away dunno scared what leh. LOL She is so thin skin lor. Susan say where got people take photos like that one? Got dan want to kiss you then you must be very happy and move your face closer mah. Then suddenly Susan say she will demo and grabbed me! LOL

We decided to take a photo with the impression of kissing by using the correct angle. Susan and me posed while Phyllis took the photo.

Hahahaha... funny sia.... the other people were all laughing like mad seeing us do this. They were all exclaiming that we look very real. But susan and me both think that this photo fail because it apparently show that we are just faking it. It must look real lor.

he other were giving us lots of comments like what angle our heads should be and that we must close eyes etc.

And so Phyllis asked us to give her another chance so we did the pose again.

Phyllis seemed quite happy with this photo but we still think it fails.. Looks kinda weird. Not like those nice ones we always see in opera leh or TV leh.

Still fail right??? Hmmm.. seems like Phyllis is not a very good photographer. I wanted to give it a shot so I asked the other people to pose while I take the photo but nobody want to pose!! They all quite shy leh.. I told Phyllis and Susan to pose and Phyllis told me like that is very gay lor! Hahahaha.. Imagine a Sheng and another sheng lor.

Susan in the end tried to grab Phyllis also and I quickly shoot one photo before Phyllis can push herself away.

This one looks very 勉强 and Phyllis look so scared. She kept shouting,"wah you all crazy ah!!!"

Finally, we decided that the best way to get the picture we want is Phyllis and me wil pose while Susan will take the photo. I think at least Susan knows what we want to take and here it is:

I think of all picture this one is the best liao. It's the most realistic one and I kinda like it! It's quite romantic right? Just like the one in my opera blog header!!! We laughed so much after taking this photo cuz it's so real and it's so funny! I laugh till stomachache and Phyllis keep saying how crazy we are to do this.

While we were laughing away so hard, another ying tai our group suddenly come over to me and grab me! She wanted to kiss me to take photo also but I freaked out! She is so sudden lor! I told her she should grab Susan because she is a pair with her mah. Why grab me wor? Like lesbian! Man, this is so crazy. We are really a mad bunch.

KL also say this one very realistic and I should edit the background away and use this photo as my header in my opera blog instead. Wah, like that many ppl will see, dun want la, cuz Phyllis very shy. She dun want me to publicise lor. That's why I can't put it in facebook!

Phyllis is like so much more younger than all of us but seems like we are much crazier than her! I thought youngsters should be more adventurous and crazy lor but apparently, so far I see so many youngsters, few are as crazy as me and a few of my friends. Phyllis is so shy, I told her she should join us and learn opera. Soon she will be as crazy as us liao.

In the car, Phyllis started taking random pictures of me again!!

So I took a picture of her and susan... These 2 crazy Liang shan bos without their hats~ LOL....

It was fun and crazy but we all enjoyed it. All of us laughed like nobody business! Next time got chance I will think of other crazy pose to take photos with!

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