Tuesday, August 25, 2009


My new home at Serangoon Ave 4 Blk 538 is currently at it's final stage of our DIY session. We did the painting, sockets extensions, light fixtures etc all by ourselves. My mum painted the whole house, except half of my room, was very satisfied and happy with her own painting skills. My father said that she did a great job with the painting though it's her first time doing it.

Basicly, our house is painted Apple white which is greenish white and the ceiling is painted pure white. However, I got special request that my room must be painted in pure white with PINK. So I mixed my own pink because I cannot find the pink I want. I bought a tin of white paint and a tin of red paint and mixed them together.

Then Tadah, I got my pink and white room. LOL

Then I decided to paint my door white with pink but we don't have any white paint and I don't want to spend so much on this door because it will be changed eventually. In the end, I used a can of pink paint which was leftover when my father used it to paint his display table. The pink is a bit bright lah and my mum said it looks like an Indian door.

Never mind, I like can liao. I painted that door and the pink walls myself!

This is my brother's room. Nothing special, all white. Anyway my brother is ok with anything, white, pink, green, blue.. he doesn't really care as long as there is a bed and tv in the room.

This flat we bought came with this nice white glossy flooring which I like very much. The floors are very "cooling", good to sit and lie down on.

Our gods move into the house earlier than us because we picked a lucky date for them to go in.

This is our living room. Quite big right? This flat is a 4A model with about 103 square feet. Just outside my block is a supermarket and community centre and kopitiam. Good. Because my mother like to go kopitiam with her friends to chit chat... LOL.
Tomorrow the new bedroom set I bought will be coming in. I am sooo excited! We are going to officially move in on 26 August. That's why I am so busy now because I still have got stuff not packed yet!


littlebird said...

Is your family doing construction business? so you guys know how to do all these?

I know you like pink, but didn't you are you 'crazy' for pink. Is your room furniture gonna be pink?

I like the dark pink color door. You going to change the door? You going to paint the same color too?

p.s. Just don't lost mung mung in these clutters. Don't left him in the old house. I worry him.

Miko said...

hi there, I finally moved! My family is not doing construction and we only did the painting anyway. My furnitures are white and walnut. Not pink. I wanted white furnitures but they are expensive.

When the door is changed, it will be in it's original colour. I won't paint it anymore.

Don't worry! Mung mung is happy in the new bed now! Lol..

Anonymous said...

Yr new house is quite near to mine...hehehehehe...getting nearer yozz...

U move house often?

At least twice already since I know u.


Miko said...

hahaha.. i used to move house often and so far, I have moved 6 times. This will be our last time though. LOL.