Thursday, June 04, 2009

The Mango Ice

As in my previous post, I wrote that I went to HK cafe for supper with YH after a performance. Oh yah, just a side note, I have the habit of wearing my cai yi and cai ku to my performance directly to avoid the hassle of changing clothes so apparently, that day I went to HK cafe with my cai yi and cai ku too because I have no clothes to change. LOL. I hope no one notice my weird dressing.

We ordered a mango ice mountain to share. You know HK cafe is very famous for th Mango ice mountain.

See our beautiful mango ice, with the snow ball on top. It looks so pretty. But little did it know that it will end in a sad state 20 minutes later.

We started off eating the side. Slowly, the side became thinner and thinner. I was afraid that the snow ball will topple over so I quickly moved it to the side of the plate. We then continue to eat the side of the mountain.

I saw that the side is become thinner and our mountain is starting to look like a ice stick. An idea struck me and I started hitting the top of the ice stick. I thought that will make it shorter so it will be less likely to fall apart.

YH: Can I know what are you doing?

Me: I am trying to make this thing collapse.

YH: Mad or what?!

Me: It's going to fall apart leh if we continue to eat like this.

By this time, I have successfully hit the top part till.......

Look, a hole on top and the snowball at the side.

YH: If you make the thing collapse it's going to melt very fast leh!

I didn't think of that though.

Me: Oh yah, it's going to melt in the syrup.

YH: I think you also don't want to see such a thing happen right?

Me: Nope....

YH: Then can you please stop hacking the thing?

Me: ok...

I thoought this conversation was kinda funny. Lol... because YH said 我想你也不希望这样的事情发生对不对?Like very serious lidat lor....

Btw, YH helped me get a 50% discount at Hangten! So I bought this T-shirt and jacket there at a very good price! Oh my god. Singapore sale coming again........

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