Monday, May 18, 2009

New Family Member!

I got a new member in my family, my baby! Awww, it's so cute and sweet and is my latest darling. I am so happy to have it to join my family!!!

Nintendo DS Lite!

And it is in sweet pink colour, isn't she a beauty? Went shopping the other day and I saw this incredible offer for a set of pink NDS with 2gb card and games for just $216! So I bought it without much hesitation. I didn't regret. It's cute and fun!

My other baby, PSP, wasn't neglected either. Recently he has a very important mission. That is to keep many Heroes episodes in him so that I can watch them on the go. I have been addicted to watching Heroes and that explained the lack of postings here. I used my free time to watch Heroes and now I got to play with NDS too.

My family of pink gaming devices.

I will buy WII when they have a pink WII. Lol.....


Anonymous said...

Tea + Cake:
Welcome aboard.
You finally brought DS!

Miko said...

Yes, after thinking for so long, I finally bought it and I am so happy!