Thursday, February 05, 2009

Shark Head!

Last week, I went to watch movie at PS and while waiting for the time to come, I walked around the shops there. I saw this new shop selling cosplay stuff, looked interesting, so I went it. I browsed around and saw this shark head cap. It was very cute so I wore it and looked at the mirror.

LOL, immediately, when I saw the reflection, I love the cap very much and I wanted to buy it. However, I didn't bring my wallet, it was in the car so KL paid for me....



Nice right? Hahaha, I think it's very cute lor. So I wore it when I was watching the movie.

Then I wore the shark head and pose with the car...

When I got home, I decided that everyone has to try on the shark head and let me take photos.

Then KL said that I look like ji gong if I wear the shark head sideways.

Just like this.... I said that it doesn't look cute enough so I made him wear it the right way..

Like this!


Then I made my brother wear it.

And my father...

And my mum.. I should get my sis to wear it too but no chance these few days. I will try to catch her with it and take photos!
Now when I got home, I will wear the shark head after I shower and wear it till I sleep. My father can't stand it. He always wonder he got such a crazy daughter. Lol.. He said he 'mo gan tai'..


sHeDiCo said...

very funnny lei.. everyone wears it hee hee

Miko said...

cute right?? Hee hee... Got ppl think its not cute and its not funny lor... -_-

Cindy's secrets said...

hi, im from sgc.
ur shark head post is sooo cute and funny! i wonder why ur friend doesnt like it.

Miko said...

hi there! thanks for visiting! I havent been to sgc for some time. Too busy. The shark head is actually a cat. but i am so used to calling it sharkhead. My friend say it looks very stupid.

Cindy's secrets said...

hahaha! the funny part is you got everybody to wear it!
its damn funny lah!