Monday, February 02, 2009

Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year!!!!

I am the last one among my cousins to blog about CNY. Both of them, Smartchic and Shedico, has already blogged it. Shedico is a very fast blogger I realise. Maybe that's because she got lots of time now that she is not working. :P So good, no need to work.

First of all, I must post the pictures of me and Mung Mung on the first day at my grandma's house.

In case you are wondering, yes de, I put on fake lashes. Hahaha.. Nowadays if I put on make up, I will most of the time put on my fake lashes too cuz very nice mah and it's very 'in' now. Also see the head band on my head? It's called Bohemian style ok. My father say it's the 'headache' style. -_-"

And you see, Mung mung is very happy with his new sweater for this CNY! I love Mung mung!

But apparently, not everyone love Mung Mung, my mum likes to bully him!

This is my grandma, she is very old already, 81 years old!

My ah yi.... she is very happy that day as you can see. My sister, you can see at the background of the photo, fell asleep on the massage chair.

This is my brother and my grandma, my brother look exactly like my uncle. Lol, they are both tall and thin. My father on the other hand is short and fat. :P

Then we went to my father's godmum's house which is at Hougang. Coincidently, the cousins arrived at the same time too so we decided to take some photos before going up.

The one on the leftest side is Zhenyin aka Smartchic de mother. The one on the rightest is my youngest sister which didn't apper in my blog for a long long time.

Inside the house, I introduced Mung mung to my relatives. Apparently, my aunt thinks that mung2 looks like 'sin cai ya'. Hahaha.. And my cousin wrote in her blog that mung mung is now very famous. Yay, I am happy that my mung mung is so famous!

It is a tradition that we will sit around this round table whenever we go to po po house.. and we must sit there, eat tidbits and gossip about the latest news.

Our next destination is Bishan, cousin Shedico's house. Traditionally, they will all come my house on first day of new year but this year, I suggested to go her house instead cuz she just moved to Bishan.

While waiting for the rest, we played with cousin's dog, Sheera, who now changed name to Huang ah Dou. Ah dou is crazy for bak kua according to my uncle.

Me and my mother.

While waiting for my 2nd aunt to come, we started play uno stacko and we stacked it really HIGH! My cousin was freaked out. She said that she has never played it so high before. She kept saying that we are so crazy to play it so high and yet it refused to fall...

The uno stacko is getting really dangerously high and crooked... like leaning tower of pisa.

The 3 sisters. Look alike?

Three brothers and sister. Look alike also?

The rest of the cousins whom I only see once a year, during chinese new year.

It's a family reunion!

The one in the middle is Chu yun aka shedico's sister. She seldom appear on my blog cuz she doesn't like to take photo. Zhen yin has to 'catch' hold of her to take this photo.

Let the feastin begin! The one in the middle, yes, the fat one, is my father.

After dinner, it was ban luck time! The Ng family is crazy for ban luck and they look forward every year to this ban luck session. I seldom take part in it though but I think they got enough players without me already.

She said that she got 21 points!

Owner of the house was the banker

So in the end who is the biggest winner? I also dunno cuz I left before they ended the session. Overall, new year is still the same as before. We visit the same place and ask the same questions. It is the only chance that we have a gathering for ban luck so i think it's still an important occassion.

By the way, Miss Chu yun bought a LV bag for $1700 and I thought she wanna save money to go Korea with me? She said that she will save again for the trip. Anyway, I am still considering the Korea trip. Maybe I will change destination.


SmartChic said...

hahaha~~ our blog all 大同小异 towards the later part cos all using the same photos! haha...

Nevertheless, this year's photo taking is the most 丰收 one... previous year not a lot lor... or rather "someone" din send it to me? :p

最难的的是,alot 黄家 adults siblings group photo, rare sia~~

next year, must find a chance to take the BIG GROUP PHOTO!!

Kongming said...

ah dou!
this name very very familiar

Miko said...

smartchic: Aiyah, photo same but text different what. We look at things in different angle. hee hee... Next time must fulfil your wish to take a big group phot.

the person who never send photo haven comment yet..

Anonymous said...

cake + tea:

Which one in the photo is your father? the person with the V finger?

sHeDiCo said...

yeah nice cny photo and narration lalalala...

Miko said...

yes, that's the one, the one with victory pose. HEe hee..