Monday, August 11, 2008

à Paris~

Je veux aller à Paris! je voudrais apprendre la langue.

I saw on a website which provides French classes in Paris. The package includes accomodation and is charged weekly. The class will be quite intensive, up to 6 hours per day and the weekly charge will be around 700 Euro. The price doesn't include the airticket though. So if I want to go there for the classes for 2 weeks, the fees will be 1400 Euro which includes accomodation but I will need to buy my own air ticket which is about $1600.


But how wonderful it will be if I can go to Paris to learn French and practice with the locals~! So nice right...

My 2 years of French is really going down the drain and I am losing it. Nowadays I try to practice some grammar and listen to some french dialogues to bring back some memories. It is something that I have put alot of effort into before and I don't want to lose it!


Anonymous said...

language is a living thing, if u dun use it often it will simply fade off(although one will still retain the basics)

well, if u treat it like a fun tour dats pretty fine.

else, unless u'll b speaking french on a frequent basis when u r back here, whatever u have picked up in france will likely be gone in under 5 years.

Miko said...

A friend of mine who is at a beginning stage of learning french wants to go with me. I thought that we might be able to practice with each other when we comes back. Moreover, I am actually working in a French MNC so there are quite a few french people in my working area. I have also a pen friend at Paris whom I nowadays write in English so I thought I might be able to practice writing with her too. :)

Anonymous said...

i see, all the best to your adventure then ;)

Miko said...

Thanks. I am still far from going there but I will one day. :)